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Rattalee Lake Tree Farm
Growing and Selling Evergreens for Residential and Commercial Customers for All Seasons

Rattalee Lake Tree Farm was first established circa 1977 by the Hudler family, who continue to farm Christmas trees in the North Carolina area. The Tree Farm was purchased by the Lorimer family in fall of 2011. Mike, with his sons Jack & Brian, will continue planting and managing the farm, with the primary emphasis on landscape trees.

We are pleased to continue to offer a wide, and growing, range of evergreen trees grown on site at the farm for both commercial and residential purchasers.  Our most popular varieties include White Pines, Scotch Pines, Canaan Firs and Norway Spruce; we also have White Spruce, Black Hill Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Concolor Fir and Serbian Spruce varieties. We are hoping to add other landscape trees in the future – check back with us for updates!

We are also continuing Rattalee Lake’s tradition of Christmas tree farming and are open for freshly cut trees each December season.



Spring and Fall are the
best times to plant your landscape trees.
We plan tree planting year round for your landscape and seasonal needs and are open for fresh Christmas trees from each Thanksgiving weekend through to Christmas. 

2014 Seasonal hours: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10am-dark (from Thanksgiving weekend through to and including the third weekend in December). Call us for seasonal hours or private appointments.

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